BPT's Raw Material

Where is BPT's raw material came from? 

- Wood Briquette from Wood industry

- Sawdust & Wood shaving from Wood industry

- Wood logs or chips from Energy Farm

What kind of wood that normally BPT use to produce BPT's pellets?

- Hardwood

- softwood

- Pinewood

- Rubber wood

  • Wood Briquette to sawdust

    some of our raw material
    from briquette
  • From Industrial waste to energy resource

    BPT concerning about wood waste, so we trying to turn its into raw material for energy resource

    More information pls. contact : biopelletsthailand@gmail.com
  • Pine wood sawdust by BPT.

    Sawdust moisture controlled is one of our product for sell, we guarantee less than 10% moisture

    For more information Pls. contact : biopellesthailand@gmail.com
  • Wood shaving

    Some time come to us a little bit big size, but we still can blend it !

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