Animal Bedding Pellet : Horse Clean & Comfort

Horse Clean & Comfort Bedding : 

For animal bedding Pellets :  BPT’s pine wood pellets are well known for their moisture absorbency and odor control characteristics. We provide two bag sizes 40 lbs for large & 20 lbs for small animals or any order from clients for a bulk container needed .

The larger 40 lbs bag is ideal for horse bedding as it absorbs about 160 lbs of moisture, this means wood pellets absorb 4 times of their weight in moisture. Only 4 bags is  equivalent to a truck load of shavings and straw.

So if you are looking for a clean solution with less effort, BPT’s Horse Clean & Comfort is the answer. Our Horse Clean & Comfort facilitates spot clean-up, allowing the soiled or wet area to be removed while still preserving the rest of the covered area, with its superior moisture and odor absorbing qualities. BPT’s Horse Clean & Comfort last longer than others conventional horse bedding products. Moreover, it can reduce costs, shorten stall and trailer cleaning times because of its ease to transport, dispose of and handle.


The handy 20lb bag is an ideal size for your smaller pet. BPT’s pine wood pellets give a fresh natural scent as well as provide a safe & clean environment for your pet.



Typical Animal Bedding Pellet Characteristics :

  Diameter Lenght
Pellet Size 6-8 mm. 2-4 mm.
  Content Absorbtion
Moisture <5% Up to 400%
Bulk Density >675 Kgs/ m3 (<42 lbs/ cu ft)  
Fine content  <1%  
Raw Material

Soft shaving and saw dust

from Pine Wood






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