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BPT's Biopellets are produced from dried and control moisture, natural, untreated wood, such as sawdust or wood shavings, without the addition of chemical. So that is the reason why its burn in an environmentally sound manner and with low emissions. BPT's Biopellets are up to 25-45 mm long and have a diameter of about 6 mm.

BPT's Biopellets have a high calorific value of about 3,950 up to 4,200 net calrolific value this means that about 2 kg of wood pellets contain about as much energy as 1 liter of heating oil. About the bulk density of BPT pellets is approximately 650 - 750 kg/m³, they need very little storage space, and the ash produced during burning can easily be disposed of along with the household waste.

BPT's BioPellets brand are certified by the Forest Stwardship Council (FSC) ***  and a test reported by SGS and Intertek.


BPT's BioPellets are environmentally sound, cost-effective and convenient.




**** FSC Certificate is on processing with Bureau Veritas, Thailand.


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